As per the TOT training which was conducted in August by Enabling education Network (EENET) trainers, coming from abroad, the first round Inclusive learning Approach (ILA) Module one training was conducted in SNNPR , for Ottona primary School teachers from September 30-October 2/2022 at Woliata soddo town by those principal trainers who took the ToT training.

This training which was focused on introduction to inclusive education is one of the first modules of the six modules to be delivered for the teachers found in the four regions. The training was delivered by those instructors (principal trainers, PTs) from Woliata Soddo University and Arbaminch teachers training college who attended the ToT training that was conducted in Adama.  The training was the first in its type in relation to inclusive education, in that all the teachers found in the school attended the training, the training modules were printed and distributed for the teachers by white paper and braille as per their needs. It was full of hands on training supported by experience sharing from other countries of Africa who are implementing inclusive education. The experience was shared using short videos. There was also a plan to deliver the same training in Adama but due to the National examination it was not realized.  By delivering this training to the project schools makes ENAB the lead as compared to the consortium member ADRA Ethiopia and SOS-Children Village. 

ENAB finance staff,( Bezawit Gezahegn) SNNPR regional coordinator( Deneke Dacho) as well as the National inclusive education coordinator ( Wogderes Ejigu as being co-facilitator of the training) roles for the successful was significant.

Pic# training participants in the training Hall with different group activity

Pic# Training participants at the get of the training Hall
Pic# Training participants at the get of the training Hall
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