The Ethiopian National Association of the Blind celebrated the international disability day in various regions with different events that are related to People with disabilities. Last Saturday the day was celebrated in SNNPR and in Addis Ababa. In the SNNPR, the event was celebrated with questions and answer among students of disabilities at Soddo Secondary School. On the event delegates from Soddo high School, Otona Primary School, Woliata zone education department, Soddo town education office , the ENAB branch , and delegate from the zone and the town DPO office were attending the event.

On the same manner the event in Addis Ababa was celebrated by panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities of Inclusive education in the education system of the country. Dr. Abebe and Dr. Yirgashewa from Addis Ababa University made presentation on inclusive education and points out what should be done by various stakeholders for the realization of Inclusive education.  The event in Addis was attended by delegate from Entoto Amba. Minilk II, and Kokobe tsebeha secondary schools, delegate from TOFI consortium members, and ENAB staff as well as delegate from NABP ( Norwegian Association of Blind and partially sighted)

On the other hand the event was celebrated in Adama by panel discussion by panelist from the ministry of Education and Adama town education office. On the event delegate from Adama town and East Shewa DPO office were very active participants.  The event was opened by an opening remark by the head of Adama education office. Adama town education, East Shewa education department, Adma town and East Shewa DPOs, Goro Secondary School, Geda Killio Primary School, and ENAB Oromia region board member attended the event.

On the other hand the day was also celebrated in Bahirdar by panel discussion. A research presentation “on the School factors against the co-curricular participation of students with disabilities.” was presented to conduct the panel by Dr. Zelalem from Bahirdar University.  The event in Bahirdar was attended by delegates from Amhara region education bureau, Bahirdar town education department, Fasilo sub city social affairs office, Fasilo secondary school, Astet sertsedengle primary School,  CWD from the two project Schools, Gonder and Bahirdar universities, delegate from Debere markos and woliday ENAB branch offices.

In all of the four areas, were the events celebrated various entertainment programs were there and People with disabilities were the one who was actively involved in the entertainment affairs. The national anthem of Ethiopia was the Opening and closing part of the events. This year event was celebrated with the theme of “Transformative Solutions for inclusive development: The Role of Innovation in fulfilling an Accessible and Equitable World.” In Amharic the theme was “አካታች የፈጠራ፡ ስራና ሽግግራዊ መፍትሔ ለኢትዮጲያ አካል ጉዳተኞች ሁለንተናዊ ተደራሽነት”

Opening Remarks





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