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Enab celebrated the 2022 International disability day.

The Ethiopian National Association of the Blind celebrated the international disability day in various regions with different events that are related to People with disabilities. Last Saturday the day was celebrated in SNNPR and in Addis Ababa. In the SNNPR, the event was celebrated with questions and answer among students of disabilities at Soddo Secondary School.

ENAB and ORDA conducted a two days workshop on financial Management and Employment rights of persons with Disabilities

at Debre Birhan, Getva Hotel,from December 28-29/2021. The two TOFI partners jointly organized the training for about 70 trainees from Menz Mama and Menz Lalo Midir district of North Shewa Zone & Debre Birhan city, Amhara Region. Persons with disabilities , governmental and non governmental organizations representatives  were active participants of the training. Mr Mehari Getaneh, Program manager of TOFI project at ENAB has made the opening speech. He recalled that similar training on the area of Economic empowerment  has  been conducted in collaboration with the other TOFI partner SOS Ethiopia, at Addis Ababa,Inter Luxury Hotel. The objective of the training was  to enhance understanding of participants on the concept of disability inclusion and to let participants develop clear understanding on employment rights of persons with disabilities. In his presentation Yilkal Hassabie(PHD candidate), has underlined that,  mainstreaming disability matters because it helps to tackle the exclusion of disabled people, to provide inclusive services and to assure the fundamental human rights of disabled people. Barriers for inclusions and how to enhance the employment rate of persons with disabilities has also been discussed thoroughly.

White cane day celebrated on October 15, 2021

at the headquarter of Ethiopian National Association of the Blind. The participants of the panel discussion which was held at the same day were members of the association, invited guests from governmental and non-governmental organizations , journalists and staff members of ENAB. The importance of white canes for visually impaired people which gives  the ability to achieve a full and independent life has been recognized in the discussion.

A Workshop has been Organized by ENAB TOFI project team members,

which was entitled as IDENTIFICATION OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITY (PWD), for economic empowerment trainings. The objective of this workshop was to validate selection criteria of PWD for the upcoming trainings of financial management, entrepreneurship & own saving and loan. The selection tool was prepared by TOFI project partners in collaboration with ENAB. according to Mr Tesfaye who is a National coordinator of Economic Empowerment at ENAB , once the selection is done the participants of the training will be invited depending upon the priority they have got during the selection.

ENAB conducted  a five day Orbit 20 reader training, for  selected teachers from the TOFI project schools found in Addis Ababa, SNNPR and Oromia regions.  The trainers are from Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa  in which ENAB approached them through the support of NABP. The Orbit Reader 20 apparatus is a portable, refreshable braille display that consists of features such as: a line of 20 braille cells with pins that arrange into the required pattern to accurately represent any six- or eight-dot braille code, in any language, and for any discipline. it also reads the contents of files on an SD card for Stand-Alone mode .Such training is the first in its type in Ethiopia that introduced a recent technology for the trainees.

TOFI Partners ENAB & SOS  delivered training on Employment rights of persons with disability. Participants from different sub cities of Addis Ababa  who works for governmental administrative sectors, representatives of disability persons organizations and local NGO staffs who mainly works to address the rights of persons with disabilities  were invited to join the training. The training was focused on fundamental employment rights of persons with disabilities. In his presentation, Yilkal Hasabie(PHD candidate) , has made a  thorough discussion on the available legal mandates of employment rights of the blind. The participants highlighted that such trainings are important and supportive so as to fill the gap of implementing the available employment rights.

“ማየት ባልችልም ራእይ ኣለኝ”


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