17th round General Assembly Establishment and 1st round regular meeting of the Ethiopian Association of the Blind held on May 19 & 20, 2013

Members of the General Assembly attended the meeting, the members of the 16th board, and Mr. Wesen Alamu, the board convener attended the meeting via virtual from the USA, Mr. Siraj Abdushikur from the authority Civil Society Organizations of the PDRE.

There were 13 agendas presented at the meeting and discussions were discussed, and participants were active in the discussions, both asking questions and commenting.

Among the topics discussed

  • Participation of the Tigray representatives,
  • Selecting congregation leaders
  • Reviewing the 6-month transition event of the Association, an accounting statement and an Audit report examined by an external auditor;
  • Determining starting money for construction of buildings
  • Interpreting Article 17 of the Society’s Rules of Governance and directioning to the board about the improvement;
  • Reviewing the Association’s next 5-year strategic plan, 2023 annual plan and budget;
  • Advisory Board guidelines to review and decide
  • Conducting the 17th round executive board elections

After discussion and debate on the topics, they approved it by voting full on most of them.

Accordingly, the 8 members 17th Round of the Board of Directors are

1st Mr. Abra Retta, chairman of the board and president of the Association,

2nd Mr. Fantahun Mengiste vice chairperson of the board and vice president of the Association

3rd Mr. Hafto Kahsai Member of the board,

4th Miss Kalkidan Shimelis Member,

5th Miss Frehiwot mezgebe Member,

6th Mrs. Haregewoin Alene Member,

7th Mr.Kassahun Asefa Member and

8th Mr. Andinet Zeneb

The nineth Member post will be open till the next meeting.

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