ENAB and SOS provide training for education sector partners at provincial and district level on inclusive education. As being a member of the Together for inclusion (TOFI) project Ethiopian National Association of the Blind (ENAB) and SOS-Addis Ababa Child village provide two days training for the education sector partners identified from Addis Ababa, Oromia and SNNPR Education bureaus, Arada, Yeka and Gullele sub cities education department of Addis Ababa, East Shewa education department, and Adama town education office from Oromia, Wolayta zone education department from SNNPR. The school leaders of Minilk, Enoto Amba, Kokbe tsbeha Schools from Addis Ababa, Geda kellole and Gore Schools from Adama, and Otona and Soddo Schools from Woliata were also attending the training.  Besides ENAB and SOS staff was also involved. The training was part of the inclusive education thematic area that was planned to be implemented in 2022. The training was facilitated by an independent consultant identified by SOS-CV Addis Ababa, assisted by SOS Project officer and ENAB National Inclusive education Coordinator. The training has the following objectives
  • To be involved in the learning process,
  • To contribute your thoughts and ideas to the group.
  • To rework with others.
  • To enjoy experiences.
Ato Sebsibe Yilma ENAB general manager and SOS-AA CV delegate Ato Leulseged Girma made an opening remark and welcome speech. The training was participatory that engaged all the training participants. A lot of experiences were shared on the implementation of inclusive education in their respective areas. Training participants who have children with disabilities, School leaders and education sector staffs shared their real life experience and the challenges they encountered in handling Children with disabilities. At the end of the training all training participants were tasked to share what they have gained for their staff by formal and informal meanness.  The training was attended by a total of 37(9F) participants.    
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