Together for Inclusion – TOFI project, Workshop on National Economic Empowerment Advocacy network establishment and Inclusive Economic Empowerment was held from November 24 – 25, 2022 at Yeba Hotel Adama.

IEE National Advocacy Network is formally established with 37 members drawn from GoE (21 members), TOFI EE partners (5), INGOs(4), OPDs(4), local NGOs( 2), private organizations ( 3) and CBOs (One) at national level. ENAB, in collaboration with TOFI EE partners has taken the initiative to bring key partners to work together in a network form and has accomplished various facilitative and leadership roles at various levels.

Finally, we have successfully brought various stakeholders on EE and disability together and officially the network is established with a name called ” IEE National Advocacy Network ” with 37 representatives on Nov. 25, 2022 at Adama. 


The network has its own structure with the general assembly as the governing body constituted of the members at national level. Then a steering committee of three is assigned and will carry out the prescribed activities and tasks as per duty description of the ToR. Accordingly, segregation of duty is made and defined as the Minister of Women and Social Affairs – the Chairperson, Minister of Jobs and Skill – Vice and TOFI EE Team – took the Secretariat role with the general assembly at higher level.

As ENAB team, we are proud of our efforts and collaboration with other TOFI partners to have the IEE network established and create a national platform among key stakeholders so that we have concerted efforts for sustained and bigger impact in IEE in Ethiopia through time. 

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