Training on Inclusive Education, Disability and UNCRP was conducted in Woliata Soddo.

ENAB conducted two day training on inclusive education, disability, and UNCRPD for 20 teachers of the two target schools found in Woliata zoned with the financial support of CBM.

As per the agreement that was made with CBM and ENAB, ENAB was tasked to support Otona primary School and ENAB boarding schools which are found in SNNPR, at Soddo town. As part of the promotion of inclusive education at Woliata special school for the blind in Woliata soddo project, ENAB provided a two day training for a total of 20 (6F) of whom 4(1F) of them are blind identified from the two project Schools. The training was delivered by a well experienced trainer from Hawassa University assisted by the ENAB national inclusive education coordinator. The focus of the training was on disability, inclusive education and UNCRPD. ENBA believes as this training will contribute for the capacity building of the project Schools. The training was conducted at Woliata Soddo from Feb. 27-28/2023.

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