It is celebrated on Oct. 4th 2022 under ” White cane is decisive for blind people free and safe mobility.” Thema by the members of the Association, invited stakeholders and guests from different ministries who works and should work with the Ethiopian National Association for the Blind.

White Cane Safety Day celebrates the achievements of blind or visually impaired people. A white cane is an important mobility tool for such people as well as the symbol of their independence. Canes have been used by blind people for centuries, but the white cane was introduced in the early 20th century. Canes were painted white to be more easily visible.

There are different types of the white cane such as long cane (also known as Hoover cane), guide cane, identification cane (symbol cane), support cane, and kiddie cane. Not all of them are used as a mobility device. For instance, the ID cane alerts others as to its bearer’s visual impairment but is of no help as a mobility tool.The white cane is one of the symbols of a blind person’s independence as it ensures their ability to come and go on their own.

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