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As a continuation of the Identification of out of School children with disabilities which was conducted in December 2021 in Woliata area with the purpose of enrolling the students, ENAB with the financial and Technical Support of Together for inclusion (TOFI) project has conducted a three day screening of Children with disabilities by using the health professionals of Woliata Soddo University comprehensive specialized Hospital.

During the Screening process Children that were identified earlier and children who are currently in the project schools but suspected with disabilities were screened. In the three day screening process a total of 123 children with different disabilities were screened of which 55 of them are currently attending Schools. Though the original plan was to screen a total of 100 out of School children with disabilities it was only 68 of them which came to screening site due to various reasons, the major being families’ unwillingness to bring them to the screening sites.

As per the MoU which was signed between ENAB and Woliata Soddo University comprehensive specialized Hospital, the university assigned a total of 12 health professional with different specialization to conduct the screening. In his speech, Dr. Awoke Wadjao, Chief clinical Director of Woliata Soddo University comprehensive specialized Hospital appreciate the commitment of ENAB on the task currently doing with related to Children with disabilities and his expressed as the university is happy and always ready to work with ENAB. The health professional team also expressed as they were much delighted to be part of the screening process.

The screening process was conducted at ENAB, Woliata Soddo School of the Blind. In the screening process Ato Wogderes Ejigu, TOFI project national Inclusive Education Coordinator, Ato Denke, Regional coordinator and the 16 Key informants were involved. Ato Wogderes in his part highly appreciate the health professional, the Key informants, the sub cities women’s and social affairs office and all the individuals involved in the screening process. As to his speech the final target of this process is to bring students back to school by providing different assistive devices as per their disability type.

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